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Blackberry Storm 2 9520

Well we finally managed to get our hands on a Blackberry Storm 2 9520 handset to review, we picked the phone up as an unwanted contract upgrade from Ebay. The phone was locked to Vodafone when we bought it but it seems Vodafone don't like people to have top of the range 3g handsets on PAYG!. After being told we had to have a contract to get internet access with Blackberry Vodafone we promptly unlocked our Blackberry to use on any network and switched to our favorite Orange Dolphin pay as you go simcard

 Having dumped Vodafone in favor of Orange we quickly had our Blackberry Storm 2 up and running and we must say this phone is a real stunner. From the moment we opened the packaging we could see the Storm 2 had class. The two-tone black handset looks stunning and it's easy to see why the Blackberry Storm 2 9520 is winning lots of people over.

Blackberry Storm 2 9520, a classy looking mobile phone

Looks aren't everything and we wanted to know just what this Blackberry Storm had in the way of features compared to other top class mobile phones. The first thing we looked at was the phones navigation, we like things to be easily accessible and being a touch screen phone we found the Storm 2 to be nice and easy to navigate around. Features like messages, sms, contacts, internet, phone and music can all be accessed by clicking the correct icon on the phones first page. These first 8 icons combined with the touch screen make using the Blackberry Storm 2 very easy. For example, to make a call you simply click the 'phone' icon and you are presented with 3 choices, you can access the call log, your contacts or the dialing pad, we found the dial pad and contacts very easy to use and phoning someone up is as easy on the Blackberry Storm 2 as it is on any other phone, if not easier!.

Blackberry Storm 2 Dial Pad makes phone calls easy

SMS and MMS messages were also easy with the option to call up a keyboard rather than enter text messages in the traditional manner. Messages are saved in the phone under each persons name and when you click their name, any texts you've sent and received from that person appear together just like a chat window on a program like messenger, we liked this feature as it makes it easy to see what texts you last sent or received off a particular person.The most important button on the Blackberry Storm 2 9520 is what people call the 'berry' button. This button is the key to navigating round this phone. Pressing the berry button brings up the phones full menu which gives access to everything from setting the phone up for Wi-Fi to changing ring tones and generally customizing your phone. From the main 'berry' menu you can access all the phones inner workings as well as any apps or games that you decide to install. You can also access a massive list of help files that are very useful if you've just bought one of these phones!.

Blackberry Storm, the 'berry' button is second left along the bottom

The Blackberry Storm 2 comes with 2gig of memory which to us isn't quite enough, bearing in mind you might want to store pictures, movies and music on your Blackberry we really think they could have put 8gig in from the start, specially when competitors like Apple have I-Phones that come in 8, 16 and 32gig already. This is only a minor gripe as the Storm 2 has a slot for a memory card and we promptly bought an 8 Gig Micro SD Card off Ebay and expanded ours to take a much larger music collection.

Blackberry Storm 2 Battery, Simcard and 8gig memory card

The camera on the Blackberry Storm 2 was a little disappointing, we've been used to a 5 megapixel Nokia N95 that produced great pictures and to go backwards to a 3 megapixel camera on a phone that is more advanced just doesn't seem right. Then again, the camera on the I-Phone isn't much good either and what the Blackberry lacks in it's camera, it makes up for in other areas.
Following our trouble with Vodafone we were looking forward to trying out the browser on the Blackberry Storm 2, with a built in touch screen keyboard and the tilting screen we were expecting internet browsing to be a lot easier than most mobile phones and we weren't disappointed!. Browsing the web with a Blackberry Storm must be as easy as you can get on a mobile phone. With the phone in the 'landscape' position you get to see more of a webpage and you can simply put your finger on the screen and move around a web page with ease. Entering information like login details for a website is easy when using the touch screen keyboard and whilst it's a bit more fiddling than using a laptop, it's a lot easier to browse with than the majority of mobile phones.

Blackberry Storm 2 Web Browser in Landscape Mode, the touch screen keyboard can be hidden to show more of a webpage

One feature of the Blackberry Storm we haven't mentioned yet is the push-pull email. This is a key feature of Blackberry phones, not only does it give you email on the move, either via Blackberry or set up with MSN or Yahoo, it is necessary to install apps from the Blackberry website as they send you a download link to your email address in order to install an application. Blackberry have been very clever with this as it generally means you have to be locked into a contract to take advantage of this email feature. All is not lost however, it is little known that most mobile phone service providers will provide push-pull email for a small fee. Our favorite provider Orange provides a Blackberry Orange email facility for £5 per month on PAYG, the push-pull email on your Blackberry will work as long as you keep a minimum level of £5 credit in your phone so you don't actually have to lock yourself into a Blackberry contract to enjoy the benefit of the Blackberry email facility.
In conclusion, the Blackberry Storm 2 9520 is an excellent phone. The camera is not as good as a Nokia but better than an I-Phone, the push-pull email makes it a very good choice for a business user or someone who uses email as their primary form of communication. The internet is very easy to use and with an extra memory card installed you'll have more than enough memory for your multi media. The phone itself is one of the best looking handsets you'll ever see, it's a classy looking phone and it is certainly worth considering if you're in the market for a new mobile phone.

Blackberry Storm 2 Battery. There are a few ways to charge a mobile phone on the move, a car charger or a wind up charger being the obvious ones. Here at 3G Mobile Phones we actually like to have a spare battery as we like our weekends away. Having a spare is always handy and you can find them cheaper on Ebay.

Blackberry Storm 2 Battery, it's always worth having a spare!

Blackberry Storm 2 Leather Case. Mobile Phones are very easy items to scratch and damage, no matter what phone we have we always have a protective case for it and for this Blackberry we bought a Pdair designer leather case. It's perfect for a Blackberry Storm 2 and we can carry our phone round easily without fear of damage.

PDair Leather Case for the Blackberry Storm 2

Bluetooth Dongle. As well as Wi-Fi, the Blackberry Storm also has bluetooth and a bluetooth dongle for your PC is always useful to have.

Blackberry Storm 2 Car Charger. The alternative to having a spare battery, a car charger can keep your Blackberry Storm 2 going if you're out and about, not our preferred method but worth having for emergencies.

Headphones. With an 8gig memory card installed and a pair of headphones, I doubt you'll need to take your Ipod with you!.

This useful youtube video shows you exactly how to enter an unlock code for a Blackberry Storm 2 9520

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