Saturday, 4 February 2012

Cheap Phone Bill With A Giff Gaff Simcard

You only have to turn on the TV news to realize how much debt people are in these days. It looks like a lot of people have been living beyond their means and cash is tight for just about everybody.
If you find yourself in a position where you need to cut back, as most of us are, then quite often one of the first things you look at is your mobile phone bill or contract. Sniffing out a new mobile phone deal is often difficult but we managed to do that recently when we stumbled across Giff Gaff.
Giff Gaff is a PAYG mobile phone operator, they use the o2 network and they certainly provide the cheapest PAYG mobile phone deals we've seen so far!.
In order to use Giff Gaff you simply need an unlocked mobile phone, just order a Giff Gaff simcard by registering with them, you can register here, and follow their simple instructions to get yourself started.

The neatly packed Giff Gaff Simcard, it's so easy to use!

The goody bags they offer are excellent value for money, they have a £5 goody bag which lasts a month, for £5 you get 60 UK minutes and 300 UK texts for the month, this amount of texts and minutes will cost you £10 on any other PAYG mobile phone deal!. Data usage with a £5 goody bag is extra but only costs 20p with a limit of 20 Megabytes of data per day, again very favorable when you think that Vodafone charge 50p per day for theirs!. One thing you do have to be aware of with data usage is that it's for your mobile phone only and doesn't include 'tethered devices' like laptops or ipads.

The Giff Gaff £5 Goody Bag

The £10 goody bags are actually better than most mobile phone contracts!, for £10 per month you get 250 UK minutes, unlimited UK texts and unlimited internet, again the internet is for your phone only and doesn't include tethered devices but what a deal that is!, unlimited texts and internet for £10 per month on Pay As You Go!.

The Giff Gaff £10 Goody Bag

The £15 goody bags offer the same unlimited UK texts and internet as the £10 goody bag, the only difference is the extra UK minutes you get, this is bumped up to a whopping 400 UK minutes.

The Giff Gaff £15 Goody Bag

So there you have it, we particularly like the £10 goody bag, unlimited texts and internet for this price is amazing value for money and with no contract ties its an absolute winner for cutting your mobile phone bill to a reasonable price.
Order your Giff Gaff simcard today by clicking here, you won't be disappointed.


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  1. Used to use GiffGaff but now use 3. Monthly rolling contract for a tenner and the best 3G coverage in the country.


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