Thursday, 2 February 2012

Ipod Classic 120 Gb

When we first thought of making the 3g mobile phones blog, it didn't take us long to work out that we didn't just have to review mobile phones and even though the site is in its very early stages, we quickly decided to include 'other tech'. The most obvious thing to review first was our beloved 120 Gigabyte Ipod Classic.

120 Gb I-Pod Classic

We know the ipod has evolved a bit recently, the touch screen technology used in the apple iphone has now been applied to the ipod in the shape of the ipod touch. The trouble is we think a mobile phone or an ipod is really a bit small for playing games and rather than have an ipod touch, we'd rather go out and buy a Nintendo DS Lite!. To us, an ipod is a music player that carries everything recording you own and then some!.

We now have a 160 Gb ipod classic available but this particular 120 Gb model we are reviewing has more than enough memory for us, even with our whole music collection and 27 full movies we've barely scratched the surface when it comes to using up the massive amount of memory this ipod classic has, in fact there are still a massive 93 Gigabytes of memory left and that's with everything we own on it!.

Even with everything we own installed the ipod classic is empty!

The ipod itself is a nice, slim and very stylish looking piece of kit, ours is a black model so it has a dark front with a silver chrome back with the famous apple logo right in the middle. The front of the ipod has a 2.5 inch screen and the all important click wheel which allows you to navigate round the ipods menu.

In order to get things on and off your ipod you have to install itunes, you can get the latest version of itunes from the official apple website and once installed, getting your mp3 collection onto your ipod is really easy. You simply drag and drop the tracks you want into itunes and then 'sync' your ipod. Syncing your ipod transfers all your music tracks onto the ipod and after that, any changes you make will reflect on your ipod next time you sync so adding or removing mp3 tracks is easy.

 Navigating round the ipod is really easy too, in order to access the menu's just press 'menu' on the click wheel and it comes up, to cycle through the various menu's just rotate your finger around the wheel and the ipod will scroll up or down to wherever you want it to go then click the middle to enter into the next menu or feature.

The main menu of the Ipod classic

 The music player section of the ipod is excellent, you can view your music by artist, composer, genre or by album when selecting tracks, another favorite of ours is the cover flow, which allows you to flip through your tracks and see the album covers. The sound from an ipod is really crisp and the standard ipod headphones are great if you're on the move. One other handy feature is the 'hold' switch which is located at the top opposite where your headphones plug in, using the hold switch will lock your ipod so it will carry on repeating or shuffling tracks whilst it's in your pocket, effectively it 'locks' the click wheel in case it's accidently pressed. If you find you're not happy with the quality of you're mp3 track you will find a graphic equalizer in the settings menu so changing the sound is also very easy.

Apple ipod classic music menu

 The settings menu controls a lot of other functions too, you can even customize your main ipod menu from here, choosing which menu's you want to see when you switch your ipod on. Other stuff like backlight, volume limit, brightness, shuffle, date/time are amongst some of the other functions you can access via the settings menu.
The 2.5 inch screen on the ipod is a little small for watching films, we have a few movies on this ipod but watching them is hard work, we usually watch a film whilst away from home on camping trips. Once settled down in a sleeping bag we can watch a film on an ipod but the fact that the screen is only 2.5 inches means you literally have to focus your eyes on the screen and it's not easy to do this continually for the best part of 2 hours!. We find watching half an hour or so than pausing the film to rest the eyes for a few minutes and maybe stretch a little is the best way to watch an ipod movie. Just like our music, putting films on an ipod is very easy, just drag and drop your film into the movies section of itunes and it will go onto your ipod when you 'sync' it. A word of warning though, films have to be in the right format to play on an ipod and ours are all mp4's.

I-Tunes software, just drag and drop your files and sync!

 You can also store photographs on your ipod and last but not least there is a podcasts section. Itunes has an extensive podcast library and although you have to buy a lot of them, quite a few are free. Our favorites are the free comedy podcasts and we always have one or two stored in our podcast section for when we're bored.
The ipod classic is a great multimedia package but it really excels itself when it comes to music, it's and absolute giant of a music player and you'll never be able to completely fill it with songs, it's not just a portable music player though, movies, podcasts and limited games make it a great little entertainment package and if you haven't got one, where have you been!.

The ipod has an amazing amount of extra's, being a sleek and stylish looking piece of kit the first thing it benefits from is a protective case. We always go for a Leather Case because it offers more protection than any other.

Protective leather case for an ipod classic

 Ipod Docking Station. An ipod docking station is really useful, not only is an ipod good for being on the move, docking stations have made them useful around the house. We use a Chronos Idock which is actually a DAB Radio that has an Idock located on the top of it. With a docking station in the house the ipod becomes you're home hi-fi system and this is now our preferred way of listening to music at home.

Ipod I-Trip. The I-Trip is a cracking little device that enables you to listen to your ipod in the car, it's an fm transmitter that plugs into the charging socket on the bottom of your ipod, when in the car you can tune your car radio into the signal and listen to your ipod whilst driving, like the ipod docking station, the i-trip gives your ipod an extra dimension, don't leave home without it!.


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