Friday, 3 February 2012

Samsung Galaxy-S I9000

The Samsung Galaxy-S I9000 has been around for a while now, powered by the superb android operating system, this was the first smart phone to really challenge the I-Phone.
The Samsung Galaxy and the android operating system have certainly given the I-Phone a run for its money, of the top selling mobile phones in the UK recently, the top 4 were all android handsets with the I-phone coming in at a lowly 5th place. The Samsung Galaxy is one of the phones that is currently out selling the I-phone.

Samsung Galaxy-S I9000, a top selling mobile phone

The Galaxy-S is actually a higher spec phone than the I-Phone and the 4” Armoled screen makes it ideal for mobile internet and email use. We found the handset very easy to use and navigate around. Making phone calls, accessing contact lists, sending email and browsing the web are all available at the push of a button once you’ve got a Galaxy set up properly. The camera is very easy to use too and a neat feature is the easy access you get to Google’s Picassa Web Albums, this allows you to easily download galleries of your pictures to your mobile phone.

The key to getting the most out of an android phone is the apps. Like the I-Phone, the Galaxy really comes into it’s own when you pick the right apps for your phone. For instance, our review model is now loaded with Facebook , Twitter, Google Email, Yahoo Email, Hotmail, BBC News Feed, Sky News Feed and several free games which are all available on the Android Market website. There is actually an app installed on every android phone that automatically takes you to the Android Market site were you can download paid and free apps and carry out any updates to apps you may already have. A year or two ago the I-Phone had a massive advantage when it came to app availability but these days, everything you can get for an I-phone, you can get for an Android Phone too. Maps and Navigation aids are superb for Android and like most phones these days the music player is easily accessible and a pleasure to use.

Android Market opens up a world of Apps for the Galaxy

Being such a powerful phone the Samsung Galaxy is quite a beast when it comes to power usage, the phone is powered with a 1500mA battery and it will need charging regularly if you use it heavily. For everyday texting we found a charge every 4 to 5 days was enough to keep the phone running but if you have the screen and the internet on a lot it can need charging daily. This shouldn’t be a problem for most people, it charges in a few hours and can easily be done at home or in the car via a car charger. Apart from the heavy battery usage we think the Samsung Galaxy is a superb phone and to be honest, the I-phone is just as battery intensive so we don’t see this as a disadvantage against other phones. Most smart phones are actually powerful mini computers so heavy battery usage should be expected from all of them really.

There are a phenomenal amount of features on a Samsung Galaxy-S I9000, far too many to mention in one review, suffice to say this is one of the top handsets currently available in the mobile phone market. You will find elsewhere on this site a page called ‘Cut Your Mobile Phone Bill’, on this page we recommend using a small provider called Giff Gaff, they use the o2 network and they provide some great PAYG deals. We recommend a £10 Giff Gaff Goody Bag for use with a Samsung Galaxy, this package gives unlimited internet usage and unlimited texts as well as 250 UK minutes for £10 per month with no contract. We think this is the cheapest deal available for a mobile phone user and the reason we recommend it is for the unlimited internet, this enables you to get the absolute best out of your android handset, it will not only enable you to use Facebook, Twitter or email on the move, it also allows you to do things that use a lot of data, things like watching You Tube or the BBC I-player, both of which are really good with the Galaxy’s massive screen.

In conclusion, we think the Samsung Galaxy-S I9000 is a superb phone, coupled with a Sim that gives unlimited internet usage and texts, we think you have a complete package easily equal to anything that’s on the market today, all you have to do is download the apps that suit your lifestyle and tailor your handset to suit your own needs, superb!.

Protective Case. As usual all phones have extras, we don’t think we’ve ever had a mobile phone and not bought a case for it, our preference is leather as its tough and durable but there are plenty of other types out there, if you’re going to spend several hundred pounds on a handset then it needs treating with respect and protecting as best as you can.

Protect your phone with a decent case

Screen Protector. All smart phones have touch screen technology, swiping and tapping a screen on a regular basis eventually produces wear and tear and screen protectors are so cheap, once in place they work superbly well and they will keep your screen in tip top condition, definitely another ‘must’ for any smart phone user.

Battery. You never know when you’ll need a spare!

In Car Charger. Always worth having if you own any smart phone!

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